We starting selling Power Plate in 2007 and it soon became a large part of our business with it's ability to meet the needs of the avid exerciser to the average person looking to increase their level of fitness and slow the aging process. You can read some of the testimonials in our Testimonial Page. 

Power Plate has really revolutionized the way we exercise making exercise a lot easier, less painful and taking less of our time.

Standing on the vibrating plate causes the muscles to contract involuntarily, 30 to 40 times a second as long as the muscle is engaged or tense. This is especially beneficial for someone with painful joints, back issues or restricted in movement. Because the muscles contract so rapidly there is a significant impact on circulation. The increase in blood flow means more oxygen is getting to muscles or joints that may be recovering from surgery or injury. This makes Power Plate an effective tool for rehabilitation clinics of all types including spine cord and brain injuries.

The Power Plate also provides a demanding enough exercise to be used by a number of Pro Sports Teams such as the NFL and many pro golfers.

The new FitStop program on the My7 was designed for use in offices as a way to kick start your energy in the middle of the day with a short series of exercises. Most of us are well aware that sitting in front of our computers and devices all day is bad for us. Google Head Office is just one example of the number of corporate facilities that provide the My7 Fit Stop for their employees.