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Power Plates are a form of Whole Body Vibration that will help you to improve in many areas by increasing bone density, muscle tone and strength; reducing cellulite; increasing collagen production and developing strength and muscular endurance. Check out Mark Walberg training on the Power Plate Pro6 for "The Trainer",

It also allows people with debilitating conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia; Multiple Sclerosis; Osteoporosis and Parkinson's disease to exercise without impact or placing stress on the joints and ligaments therefore bringing oxygen and blood flow to those areas to aid in healing. Vibration exercise will improve balance and coordination by activating the supportive muscles.

Go to www.youtube.com/user/fitlopedia for a full library of Power Plate exercise.

Dr Paul Dorian, a professor of Medicine at the Cardiology Division of St Michael's Hospital inToronto emphasizes that strength conditioning is an important element of heart health. He has been practising Power Plate for almost a year. "I was persuaded by the research which shows this is as good as, if not better than a personal trainer 2 to 3 times per week and ... safer than weght lifting and much less likely to lead to injury " (Toronto Life Fashion: Good Vibrations)

Power Plates are being used by many Pro Sports teams such as the NFL; the NHL and the NBL. Mike Weir trains on and owns a Power Plate as well as celebrities like Clint Eastwood; Tony Robbins and Cher. NASA uses the Power Plate at their facility.

Be cautious of products that try to imitate vibration by using a platform that rocks back and forth. Although this simulates vibration the distance the platform is moving is far too great. All the documented studies involve the muscle's response to vibration. The rocking platforms are providing an unstable surface only. They do not produce the same results and can be very stressful on the joints; hips and back.

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Treadmills Toronto

TREADMILLS: Landice, Bodyguard, Matrix, Sole and Spirit in Toronto.

Treadmills are the only motorized piece of ccardio exercise equipment. This can be a real help if you have a hard time keeping motivated since the motor keeps the pace for you.

Some people will benefit from a folding treadmill that easily folds up and can be rolled away for storage.

Walking or running is good exercise for the heart and lungs and building and maintaining bone density. It is also an excellent calorie burner.

All treadmills let you control the speed and incline. Inclining mimics walking uphill and some treadmills like the Bodyguard 460X even decline.

The number of people using the treadmill, the weight of the users and the numbers of hours the treadmill is in use will determine what quality range to look for.

Whether you are just beginning to exercise or training as a serious runner a treadmill will accommodate you nicely.



Ellipticals Toronto

ELLIPTICALS: Sole; Landice; Bodyguard; Matrix; VersaClimber; Spirit.

Unlike treadmills, each elliptical manufacturer provides a different feel and it is important that it can provide the right fit for you. You should be able to move in a natural comfortable way. Typically the shorter the frame; the shorter the stride length.

ASCENT TRAINERS: similar to an elliptical motion but more like hiking up a hill. Also offers an upper body exercise.

VERSACLIMBER: this is a vertical climbing machine for an intense cardio workout, working legs and arms. 

Both styles are good for the heart and lungs and building and maintaining bone density. They are also a good calorie burner.They are are one of the few machines that exercise both the upper and lower body and are impact free. This may be of importance to you if you have a bad back or knees.



Exercise Bikes Toronto

EXERCISE BIKES:  Lemond; Monark; Spirit; Bodyguard; Sole; Landice and Spinners in Toronto.

Upright bikes were the first piece of exercise equipment to be manufactured and are commonly used in rehabilitation clinics and hospitals.

An excellent exercise for the heart and lungs and a good calorie burner. Although cycling will still build bone density it is not a weight bearing exercise. Cycling does build leg and calf muscles.

Fit is just as important on an exercise bike. Features like seat and handlebar adjustments are important but so is the hip to heel ratio.We can help you with this. The better the fit the less fatigued you will become and the less stress on the joint; hips and ligaments.

Most exercise bikes now use a magnetic form of resistance which will give you smooth and virtually silent ride.

A good choice if you are limited in space.

RECUMBENT BIKES: Landice, Spirit, Sole, Bodyguard and Monark in Toronto

Recumbent bikes are a good choice if you like cycling but find upright bikes too hard on the seat or back. Sitting in a recumbent or seated position focuses more on the back of the leg muscles and buttocks.

An excellent calorie burner and good for the heart and lungs. This is not a weight bearing exercise so not as good for bone density as compared to a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Fit is very important so look for lots of adjustability in the seat, a comfortable back support and a relatively narrow crank. If you have limited mobility a walk through design may be of benefit allowing you to get in and out easily.

SPINNERS: Lemond; Sole; Spirit, Monark.

This style of cycling is very similar to riding a road bike allowing you to stand up in the pedals mimicing riding up a hill. The brakes are a mechanical braking system with basic electronic feadouts. They are not programmable.


Weight Equipment Toronto


The home gym category has really grown in the past few years with more people understanding the benefits of strength training to remain flexible and strong. Training with weights also affectively burns calories.

A home gym is a compact weight machine that is built to perform a number of exercises off of one stack of weights. Working with a machine rather than free weights allows you to exercise safely by guiding you through the movements. There are no weights to fall on you and by not having to move plates and bars around it is a far more time efficient use of your time.

Multi Stations involve two or more stacks of weights with each station providing specific exercises and allowing for more than one person at a time to work out simutlaneously. 

Single Stations are one stack machines providing specific exercises per machine.

Functional Trainers: consist of one or two weight stacks and dual cable columns mimicing movements that are functional to our daily life like reaching and lifting as well as specific sports training. This requires some knowledge of weight training since the movements are not guided movements.

Whatever you chose the design should allow you to make the proper adjustments with ease to ensure the exercise is performed without compromise. This means better; quicker results with less chance of injury. 


Power Plates are now considered a form of "weight training" but without the stress on the joints and ligaments that lifting weights can cause especially if you have joint issues.

FREE WEIGHTS: York Barbell; Power Block

A number of strength training exercises can be proformed with dumbbells and/or barbells. Whether you are starting out with two or three sets of dumbbells or wanting to train with free weights and a bench there is a wide variety to choose from. We offer everything from vinyl dipped dumbbells to Olympic plates and bars.


And More

AND MORE:  Concept II; Water Rower; Tennis Tables, Ping Pong Tables, Exercise mats.