Thank you so much for your amazing service. Mathew did a superb job in setting up (Spirit XT185 treadmill). 5 Stars all around. Mike S

"Absolutely awesome! Thank you very much Joanne for all of your help. I am passing your name and number along to many people about the Spirit spinner bike. I love it!" G

"The Bodyguard treadmill has passed the husband and son test with flying colours! It's a pleasure to use so far." Catherine C

"After only 13 sessions (using Power Plate) I have lost 11 pounds in weight. More importantly I have a better quality of life because of the decrease in my chronic sciatica condition that I have had for years." Dorothy M

"Thank you for replacing the Lemond part. The bike is now amazingly quiet. I want to compliment your company for your business ethics. Your technician explained there might be a problem when he installed the bike. Many companies would ignore this and hope it goes away. The weight machine and weights I purchased are all working out well." Ken J

"I'm just calling to let you know we got the Elliptical machine - we tried it out for the first time today. Loved the machine! And your delivery guys are very professional and nice." Heidi M.

"The install went off without a hitch. Been using the equipment for almost a week now and it is excellent! We are very pleased with our selection (Power Plate and Vectra Gym) and wanted to thank you for giving us great advise. It has been a pleasure doing business with you!" Dean M.

"It's (Power Plate) fantastic. I have used it every day and combined with changing my diet I have lost 15 lbs in 3 months." Jim V.

"I want to tell you what an amazing job Mathew and your delivery men did installing our equipment. They were extremely polite and professional and used utmost care to move all that equipment through the house and not damage anything."

"Yes. Your guys delivered and set it (elliptical) up today. I wanted to call and mention I have never seen delivery men that were as concientious and polite as your men were today! So thank you for that. My new year's resolution starts today!!" Wanda G.

"I've only bought one piece of exercise equipment from another store than Physical Assets. The quality was poor and the service even worse. I wont be making that mistake again." Guy H. (Physical Assets customer since 1999).

"I really appreciate all the time you spent with me on the phone. Most of the other stores I talked to made me feel like they were doing me a favor giving me any information. This is a big committment and I want to make sure I am making the right decision. Thank you. I will definitly buy from you." Michael F.

"After using my Power Plate for 2 and a half months, my knees and back don't ache from arthritis and when I went for my bone density check up they told me they didn't know what I was doing but whatever it was I could cut back by medication by half. I'd hadn't seen my son in about two months and he noticed that my body looked more toned. I really have alot of faith in Dr Williams newsletters and his recommendation of the Power Plate helped me make the decision." Judy M.

Just want to tell you what a great ambassador Mathew is for your company. He is patient; courteous; responsive and customer focused. I really appreciated his time, attitude and effort. H.M.

"The Power Plate My3 is one of the easiest ways I know for someone of any age or condition to increase muscle strength and overall strength-you can also help build strong, healthy bones." Dr Williams.

I have incorporated the Power Plate into my 5 workouts / week. I use it once per week in addition to cardio; freeweights; stability ball & my Vectra machine. The results are very good. My wife has commented on my new and very noticeable definition /sculpting of muscles that has appeared since using the Power Plate. Its versitile, joint friendly with the ability to do a complete workout of all muscle groups. Brian T.

"It has only been 3 and a half weeks since I started using this miraculous machine (Power Plate) and never in my entire life, despite any effort I have given in the past, have I had those strong, hard and defined muscles, in particular in my legs, butts and arms. I LOVE IT!! Diane G.

"I'm just loving it. The massage is doing wonders. There has been a change in my lymphatic condition. Being able to use the Power Plate daily is a wonderful therapy. Thank you making this happen for me." Val S.