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The Bodyguard T75 treadmill has been one of our best sellers since its introduction as the 460XC and now with a new look, more features and 22" x 60" orthopedic belt.

This treadmill was designed for a runner with alot of features geared to a runner - an efficient shock dissipation system combining an orthopedic belt with the steel X Frame minimizing frame torque and increasing lateral stability particularly on push off and ensuring that all impact is absorbed by the treadmill and not back into the runner. This is of particular interest for anyone with bad knees or back and greatly reduces muscle fatigue.

The T75 will decline to -3% and incline up to 15% simulating outdoor training and using a wider range of muscles.
The built-in Electronic Stride Control ensures that the belt speed remains the same and can never overrun the preset speed no matter the incline or weight of the user.
Superior electronics allow for specialty programs such as Turbo Training which will accelerate in speed from .05 mph to 10 mph in 7.5 seconds for sprint training.
The T75 can be set in 3 optionsal languages: English; French or Spanish.
All this and a Lifetime warranty on all parts. Period. No fine print. This is an exceptional treadmill with a great track record.

Motor: 3.5 HP DC

Running Area: 22"x60"

Cushioning: Bodyguard Shock Dissipation System Plus

Belt Type: Orthopedic belt
Speed: 0.5 to 12 mph

Elevation: -3% to 15%
Programs: 15 preset / 8 User / 8 Custom / 8 Memory

HRC: 3 Modes

Heart Monitor: Contact Bars & Polar Compatible

Deck: 1" 4-way reversible

Roller: 2.5" with sealed bearings

User Weight: 400 lbs

Machine Weight: 310 lbs
Frame: X Frame / steel

Foot Print: 81" x 31" x 58"

Foldable: No

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on all parts. 3 years labour.