The Expresso HD upright bike is an interactive bike that offers a virtual cycling experience. The 26" HD touchscreen offers stunning graphics that simulate out of doors terrain as well as gaming courses and spin classes.

Each set of handlebars is precisely calibrated and controlled with a magnetic angle sensor. This groundbreaking component is capable of tracking your turns on the micro level. The result is an ultra responsive steering experience that brings your workouts to life. Steer and shift gears going up and down hills and around corners and bends through 30 different gears. 

Push your limits with other riders on 300+ miles of stunning interactive roads. From snowy mountains and seasides to outer space. This is as close as it gets to the real thing.

This is an amazing bike making exercising fun and engaging for either yourself, your family or facility. 

Please call for more details.

Console: 23" LCD diplay

Resistance: ECB brake

Levels: 30 gears

Programs: 43 Tours/Chase/Pacer

Frame: Steel

Seat Adjust: 20 vertical/7 horizontal

Handlebar Adjutment: abiltiy to steer

Weight: 155 lbs

Power: 100-220v AC 50/60 Hz

Footprint: 52x24x60

Warranty: 3 years parts and labour registered.