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The Lemond RevMaster Pro spinner uses a Kevlar non slip belt for a smooth, quiet ride. Belts never stretch or need oiling like a chain driven bike. The resistance pad sits on top of the flywheel for long durability.

The brake knob micro adjusts for quick tension adjustments. Pressing down on the knob stops the flywheel immediately. A heavier than average crank comes complete with an exceptionally strong BMX bottom bracket designed to withstand greater force loads.

The stainless steel loop handlebars offer more hand positions and an extended aerobar. Quick adjustments accomodate a range of riding positions from sitting up in the saddle or the racing position.

The Lemond spinner is one of the smoothest riding, most solid spinners on the market. A true testiment to Greg Lemond's dedication to the cycling industry.

The Pilot Wireless Cadence Meter is optional at $299.00 and offers: time; distance; cadence and with the optional chest strap, calories burned and heart rate. The Pilot is exclusive to the Pro only.

38" H x 41.5" L x 22.25" W