The Life Fitness Fit3 Multi Station Gym is ideal for a home or small fitness facilities that want individual stations for up to 3 people to work out at the same time. The traditional flat bench allows for proper positioning for shoulder press and incline presses, exercises that the vertical bench press machines cant offer. Leg curl in the prone position protect the back from hyper extending.

Each station offers multiple exercises to effectively train the whole body. Three stations offer Chest Press; Incline Press; Shoulder Press; Seated High Pulley; Low Pulley; Bicep Curl; Leg Extention; prone Leg Curl. 

Accessories: Standard accessories include short bar and lat pulldown bar. 

Full front and back shrouds and pulley covers. Chrome plated solid steel guide rods. Double-stitched, fitted premium grade vinyl upholstery
Large high-density upholstered roller pads
2000 lb test 1/8 in. aircraft cable
4 1/2 in. heavy-duty fiber glass reinforced nylon pulleys
Spring-loaded pull pins for quick and easy adjustments
Wrap-around, high-density end caps for unit stability
Dimensions: 102" D x 102" W x 85" H 

Footprint: 102" x 102" x 85"

Weight Stacks: 3 x 210 lbs. 

Frame: Power coated 11 guage steel.