Monark 871e

Monark 871e


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A stable arm ergometer that satisfies the requirements for fitness and endurance testing for the upper and lower body. Monark's reowned 881E, used in most rehab facilities has been adapted as a simpler, more compact version in the 871E. Ideal for exercise from a wheel chair as an upper body exercise or can be used on the floor for leg exercise. At 55 lbs this will remain stable and will not move even at high levels of resistance.

Because upper body exercise is such a demanding aerobic exercise and invloves the underutilized muscles of the arms and shoulders this is becoming a popular and effective form of aerobic exercise in Health Clubs.

Console: Digital
Resistance: Belt
# of Levels: Infinite
Frame: Steel
Seat Adjustment: 2 Way
Handlebar Adjustment: 2 way
Machine Weight: 55 lbs
Footprint: 18" x 24"x 21"
Warranty: 1 year on parts