By designing the GX-6 Activity Trainer Paradigm has brought something new to weight training. By combining the benifits of a traditional multi station gym with the adaptability of a functional trainer you have the best of both machines in one. Now the most beneficial strength exercises can be completed while using correct form without compensation.

Functional Trainers are big and were really built for a gym. Within a footprint of 60" x 38.5" x 83.5" the GX-6 has a total of 6 swivel pulleys combined with 14 accessory bars providing numerous movements and workouts.

Check out the GX-6 brochure: 

The GX-6 can be used with any standard flat to incline bench independent of the machine or the permanently attached GX flat to incline bench with rotating seat for phonomenal ab workouts. Pull Up / Chin Up station included.

GX Folding Bench: $349.

50 lb Add On weights: $249.

Warranty: lifetime on all parts.

Stack: 150 lbs & 6 Recoil Resistance Tubes.

Weight: 393 lbs. 2.5 mm steel frame.

Footprint: 60" x 238.5" x 83.5"

Accessories: 14: Pull Up Strap / Hanging Strap / Straight bar / 2 Ankle Straps / 5 D Handles / etc with built in storage tray.