The Power Plate My5's Vibration Technology uses the body's natural response to vibration to stimulate muscle strength; circulation and muscle tone. The body responds to vibration by an involuntary muscle contraction similar to when your doctor taps your knee with a hammer and the leg kicks out involuntarily. The vibrating plate activates this natural reflex 30 to 40 times per second. A typical workout can be a little as 20 minutes with outstanding results.

Check out one of the strength training videos with Tony Swain on You Tube. "http://www.youtube.com/embed/iDtokvHAaxY?rel=0".

Whether you want to build muscle tone; accelerate fat loss; increase bone densitydefeat cellulite; increase strength; improve stability and circulation the My5 will be of interest to you. Take a look at the Power Plate Medical Studies on the reduction of visceral, or belly fat and maintaining weight loss.

The My5 model is ideal for a moderate to serious exerciser that will take advantage of the larger plate surface and higher hertz setting to substantially increase the number and intensity of exercises that can be performed and therefore give faster results. The larger plate also allows for more dynamic movements such as lunges and cardio exercises. The heavier weight capacity allows for larger, heavier users or someone that would add weights for a more intense Power Plate workout.

Compared to the My3, the lower setting of 30 hertz on the My5 is better for anyone that may be frail or deconditioned. As well, the larger plate surface combined with the heavier frame and dual, counter rotating motors result in a more refined, controlled vibration.

Plate Surface: 28" deep x 27" wide

Total Footprint: 32" deep x 27" wide

Motor: 2 motors

Time: 30 to 60 seconds

Vibration: Tri-planar, mostly vertical, 30 to 40 hertz. High and low settings for vertical displacement.

Programs: Four quick start programs: Strength; Massage; Stretch and Relaxation

Maximum Load: 300 lbs / 135 kgs

Machine Weight: 247 lbs / 90 kgs

Included Accessories: Two upper body straps and three contoured mats for varying vibration intensity; remote control; poster and video.

Colour: silver.

Warranty: 3 years parts / 1 year electronics / 1 year labour.