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The Pro6 is the most advanced model in the Power Plate line up and takes Acceleration Training to a whole other level. The proMOTION Dynamic VibrationTechnology with Vectran retractable cables offers a complete total body workout. The high strength Vectra cables channel vibration directly to the upper body for a larger variety of exercises and enhanced results.

The cables extend more than 6 feet and offer adjustable resistance settings to intensify the load. This is like having a Power Plate and a Functional Trainer in one machine.Check out Mark Wahlberg training on the Pro6 for his new movie, "The Fighter" at htpp://

Plate Suface: 33" x 33"

Time: 30, 45, 60

Vibration: Tri-planar, 25, 30, 35 or 40 Hz pre-setting. One step increments possible. High/low vertical displacement settings.

Additional Features: Three air suspension settings: Level 1: users less than 130 lbs. Level 2: users between 130 to 200 lbs. Level 3: users above 200 lbs and featuring proMOTION Dynamic Vibration Technology, delivering targeted vibrations to the upper body.

Maximum Load: 500 lbs.

Machine Weight: 348 Lbs.

Dimensions: 34"w x 42"d x 61"h

Included Accessories: Two upper body straps and contoured mat.

Color: Silver