Because not everyone is a rocket scientist, we’ve kept things simple by creating the G-Factor™, our progressive measurement for vibration forces. The pro7™ knows when it’s time to increase the intensity of a workout, setting the machine automatically. The pro7 applies gravitational forces to the body. At the highest setting, it is producing resistance equal to five times your body weight.

The expansive memory on the pro7 allows thousands of users to create private profiles and save workouts and favorite exercises. With our unique, easy-to-use Functional Interactive Training (F.I.T.) Software, users can choose from pre-programmed workouts, Quick-Start Mode, Single Exercise Mode or Manual Mode.

Dimensions: 35"W x 32"D x 61"H

Timer: 0-9 minutes (15 seconds increments)

Vibration: Tri-planar, mostly vertical. Pre settings of 30,35 and 40Hz with +5Hz incremental adjustments.

Maximum load: 300 lb / 136.4 kg

Machine weight: 287 lb / 130 kg

Included accessories: Contour mat.

Color: Sterling Silver

Warranty: 2yrs parts and labour.