The Pro7 is the most advanced commercial vibration training device featuring an integrated LCD touchscreen with functional interactive training F.I.T.) software. The on-screen training videos guide you through a wide range of workouts and movements from wellness to sport specific training to workouts targeted to your fitness level and programs.

Power Plate has integrated the proMOTION retractable cables with variable resistance offering a more complete total body workout. Extending over than 6 feet the cables offer adjustable resistance settings to intensify the load. This is like having a Power Plate and a Functional Trainer in one machine. 

With dual motors and the largest plate surface this is built to handle serious training up to a 500 lb user.

Plate Surface: 38" x 37"

Time: 30; 45 and 60 up tomax 9 minutes.

Vibration: Tri-planar. High/Low setting.

Frequency: 25 to 50 Hz.

Additional features: 

Maximum load: 500 lbs.

Machine weight: 410 lbs.

Dimensions: 38"w x 46"d x 61"h

Included accessories: Two upper body straps; contoured mat, ProMotion handles.

Color: Silver