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Spirit MS300 Recumbent Stepper

Spirit MS300 Recumbent Stepper


The Spirit MS300 Recumbent Stepper is a part of the complete line of Spirit Medical Products.

Seat: step through frame and 8 position swivel seat allows for easy mounting with a 6 position reclining seat back for proper hip angle.

Console: Symmetry program measures balance between left and right pedal and/or arm stroke. Graphical Bio-feedback display motivates patients to maintain even power symmetry between left and right legs. If measuring arms only the graph and power readings will be reversed. Watt measurement from 5 - 750 watts.

Resistance: settings start with a low inertia of 5 watts up to 750 watts with an adjustable step range from 2.5 to 32 cm.

Leg to arm ratio: linked 1:1 upper and lower body motion. The quadalateral exercise pattern allows users to distribute the effort across 4 limbs. Self adjustable step length allows patients to pedal in smaller range of knee motion, from 5 degrees to full range.

Foot pedals: cushioned with foot straps. the optional bi-lateral Calf Support Set offers advanced support for patients experiencing lower body deficiencies or weaknesses that require additional leg and foot alignment to achieve maximal results.

Handles: adjustable with articulating hand grips. Optional Hand/wrist Stabilization Set offers: correct hand position throughout the workout, support for the wrist while minimizing wrist flexion, reduction in pressure points, a full and natural range of motion for the upper body movement, ability to keep the hands in place during exercise
and easy attachment and removal on the pivoting hand grips


Power Train: heavy duty, 8 groove poly-v belt for smooth, quiet operation and the foot pedal assembly rides on high-end linear bearings and guides.

Braking Device: eddy current brake (quiet, frictionless and maintenance free), small flywheel mass ensures a minimum starting torque providing low inertia.

Power: 100-240 volts AC (standard power supply).

Certifications: ISO 13485, IEC 60601-1-1, Ro

Machine weight: 258 lbs

User weight capacity: 440 lbs

Footprint: 67"x35"x48"

Warranty: 5 years EMS brake / 3 years parts / 1 year labour