Vectra 1450: $4495.00

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The Vectra 1450 is probably the best home gym on the market offering the greatest number of exercises in a compact space without compromising on form.

Stainless steel guide rods; powder coated weights and a ball bearing leg developer and press arm provide for a smooth, solid operation and long life. Vectra goes as far as to internally lubricate each cable to eliminate cracking.

The design ensures that each exercise is proformed in the correct position with necessary support and with each muscle group moving through its correct and full range of motion. Adjustments are quick and easy ensuring you are never in a compromised position.

Most home gyms offer a leg press station at an additional cost for more leg work. The 1450 press arm coverts easily to facilitate squats (more effecient than leg presses); calf raises; dips and shrugs that most gyms omit entirely.

Because the 1450 uses the more traditional flat bench, a shoulder press can now be performed correctly as well allowing for a lying leg curl cutting that exercise time in half. You will not find a better home gym on the market.

Height: 6'6" to 6"11" (adjustable)

Footprint: 5'6" x 5'9"

Users: 1

Weight Stacks: 160 lbs standard, 210 lbs available. Alloy selector shaft allows for low minimum starting weight. Premium non slip selector pin.

Pulleys: Fiberglass reinforced nylon with ball bearing hub.

Cable: Internally lubricated; clear nylon coated 7 x 19 strand construction with stainless steel fittings.

Guide Rods: Stainless steel; linear polished.

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