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As with all Vectra machines, biomechanics is a top priority. The design ensures that each exercise is performed in the correct position, with necessary body support and with each muscle group moving through its correct and full range of motion.

With conventional machines, you can spend much of your valuable workout time adjusting seats, press arms with off-the-shelf pop pins and annoying tightening-down knobs. Not so with Vectra. The patented On-Line "no cable change system" means that adjustments to exercise components, like the press arm, lat hold-downs and the preacher curl support pad are made while you are in your exercise position, with one simple movement, such as a flick of the finger.

Vectra weights are calibrated in pounds, not in unrelated "units" as found on other machines. If you put the selector pin in at the 50 pound weight, you're lifting 50 pounds. The 7-position Vector bench features a protractor style degree indicator so you can set the bench at the precise angle for your exercise. The bench rolls easily on sturdy wheels to be used independent of the machine for exercises such as dumbbells presses, flys, etc. In addition to the standard leg extension/leg curl station we offer our unique squat attachments, which turn the press arm into squat machine.

To transform the machine from "fixed mode" to "free-weight mode" is pull the conveniently located lock pin in the tower. This releases the fore-and-aft restrictions on the weight stack, requiring you to control and balance the weight. Just as with a free-weight bar, the more you lift vertically, the more you must balance. The more you balance the more supportive muscles must be called into action.

Weight Stack:210 lbs. 235 lbs. Alloy selector shaft for low minimum weight.

Press Arm21-position with ball bearing pivots. 1 to 1 lift ratio. Choice of fixed (natural arc) or free weight mode.

Vector Bench7 settings, one touch adjustment, spring loaded wheels.

Leg DeveloperBall bearing pivot. Locking two-position seat for supported leg curls.

PulleysFiberglass reinforced nylon, 4-1/2" and 6" diameter with ball beaing hub.

CableInternally lubricated, nylon coated 2,000 lb. tensile strength with stainless steel fittings.

Guide RodsStainless steel.Scale 1/4"=1' Height = 6'6" to 6'11"

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