Vectra VFT100: $4295.00

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The true measure of a functional trainer is versatility, how many exercises can be performed, how many cable angles can be created, how many possible pulley positions there are and how much cable travel is available.

The Vectra VFT-100 has a combination of exerces and movements matched by no other. The wide pulley arms adjust from just off the floor to about six feet with 23 possible positions. The pulleys swivel a full 540 degrees, perfect for sports specific training.

The VFT-100 was designed to be used with the bench, a fitness ball or by itself. Cable Crossovers are among the many popular exercises at which the high/wide pulley positions excel. Lat Pulldowns and Crossover Rear Delts are other examples.

The central low pulley is ideal for performing many exercises such as the low row. Unlike other functional trainers, the VFT-100 is strong on leg exercises. The ball-bearing leg developer allows you to perform leg extensions and leg curls one or two legs at a time.

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