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Vectra's VX FT Functional Trainer is a testiment to Vectra's attention to detail of design and biomechanics.

Functional training allows you to perform weight training exercises in movements similar to everyday activities or sports, from lifting groceries out of the trunk to swinging a tennis raquet. Functional training improves daily living, posture, athletic performance, balance, core strength and reaction time.

The VXFT has two independent articulating arms with over 250 finger touch positions from 6" to 7 ' above the floor and from 8" to 8' apart.

Available in 4:1 / 2:1 and 6:1 cabling depending of the environment of use. Call for specific pricing

Standard accessories: 2 short single handles; 2 long handles, foot strap; ankle strap.

Optional: Accessory rack as well as a variety of Vectra designed sport specific handles from golf and baseball to hockey and tennis.

Usable footprint: 5 1/2' x 4'

260 lb and 310 lb stack are available.


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