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Our customers - this website is for you and the thousands of Physical Assets customers that have purchased from us over the years be it for your home, office, gym, or condominium fitness room. We have the advise you need for anything fitness related.

You may be looking for new equipment, have some questions about your existing equipment or require service or warranty work. Maybe you are moving and need our assistance?

Whatever it is please give us a call at 416 417 5166 or email


Are you looking for a new piece of equipment and could use some advice? Our 32 years of experience can help you determine which equipment is best for you and our professional installers will set everything up. 

Commercial customers - be it a condominium, apartment building, corporate fitness centre, rehab facility or retirement living we can design a room from scratch or visit your facility and give you an honest overview of your existing equipment and determine the most economical route to take. 

Time has become our greatest luxury - we promise to make your buying experience seamlless.


Exercise equipment is big, heavy and awkward. We have installers with years of experience moving and installing commercial and residential equipment including treadmills, weight machines, ellipticals and exercise bikes. We are careful, we know what we're doing and we even change our shoes.

Moving?  Our men can either prepare your equipment for the movers or we can move it for you and reassemble. If you are moving far away, let us disassemble and wrap your equipment properly so your moving company can handle it without damage. We can even connect you with someone in your new location who can reassemble it for you.

Moving Overseas? We can make the necessary arrangements for overseas shipments.

Installation? Need something put together? We do that too. 416 417 5166 or


We service all brand names of commercial and residential exercise equipment whether it is still in warranty or not. We even service equipment that was bought elsewhere.

Preventative Maintenance: keeping your equipment maintained will extend the life of the machine considerably especially treadmills that rely on a lot of parts working together. Our service technicians will clean; lubricate; align and run diagnostic tests of your equipment. Commercial facilities can set up regular maintenance contacts.

Call now to book a service appointment at 416 417 5166 or