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Power Plate Testimonials


"It has only been 3 and a half weeks since I started using this miraculous machine (Power Plate) and never in my entire life, despite any effort I have given in the past have I had those strong, hard and defined muscles, in particular in my legs, butts and arms. I LOVE IT!! Diane G. 

"I'm still vey much in love with my Power Plate and have been using it almost every day since I received it! My whole body has completely changed, of course for the best. Diane G. I1 year later)

"After only 13 sessions (using Power Plate), I have lost 11 lbs in weight. More importantly I have a better quality of life because of the decrease in my chronic sciatica condition that I had for years." Dorothy M.

"It's fantastic (Power Plate). I have used it every day and combined with changing my diet I have lost 15 lbs in 3 months." Jim V.

"After using my Power Plate for 2 and a half months, my knees and back don't hurt from arthritis and when I went for my bone density check up they told me they didn't know what I was doing but whatever it was I could cut back my medication by half. I'd hadn't seen my son in about two months and he noticed that my body looked more toned. I really have a lot of faith in Dr. Williams newsletters and his recommendation of the Power Plate helped me make the decision." Judy M.

I have incorporated the Power Plate into my 5 workouts per week. The results are very good. My wife has commented on my new and very noticable definition and sculpting of muscles that have appeared since using the Power Plate. It is versitile and joint friendly. Brian T.

"The Power Plate MY3 is the easiest ways I know for someone in any age or condition to increase muscle strength and overall strength- you can also help build strong, healthy bones." Dr. Williams


 Power Plate: How It Works

Exercising on a Power Plate will give very similar results to working with weights - increasing muscle tone and strength. If, for instance you wanted to exercise your legs or perform a squat you would stand on the platform and set the vibration level to ie: 35 hertz (vibrations per second). As long as you remain in the squat position and your leg muscles are contracted the muscles will respond to the vibration by contracting 35 times per second for 30 or 60 seconds. This is referred to as Whole Body Vibration. This enables you to accomplish a high number of contactions in a very short period of time without placing any stress on the joints or ligaments. To increase the difficulty you could increase the number vibrations (hertz); increase the amperage from low to high, which is the depth of the vibrations and/or increase the length of the exercise from 30 to 60 seconds.

Because the platform moves in three directions, back and forth, side to side and mostly, up and down stabilty muscles are activated which improvements core strength and balance. Circulation is increased which is beneficial for many things from decrease in joint pain by bringing blood flow and oxygen to the area to improved lymphatic flow.



Power Plate and Golf

Do you dread those first few swings of the day where your body feels stiff and restrictive? Just a 5 minute warm up on the Power Plate machine before you hit the range and your body can respond like it does in the middle of a round. Rapid muscle contractions quickly increase circulation which results in better flexibility, increased range of motion and decreased pain. Strength training on the Power Plate will improve your strength and power to help you hit the ball further.

Power Plate is helping the world's finest golfers to perform to the best of their ability. PGA tour players including Mike Weir; Rory Sabbatini and Nick Doughherty count on Power Plate machines to improve their fitness."Over the past year I have begun to address my fitness level and physical inbalances.This has directly lead to better performance and higher finishes. The Power Plate has become an important part of my transformation. I own a Power Plate and recommend it to anyone serious about improving their game" (Rory Sabbatini, PGA Tour Professional. 4 time PGA TOUR winner)."Power Plate is the single best piece of exercise equipment I have ever used! My body has never moved this well and I have made improvement in my golf swing. I have never felt better" (Paul Stankowski, PGA TOUR Player)




Power Plate Exercises

We like to say there are no special Power Plate exercises.

Almost any exercise you can think of can be performed on the plate from Pilates movements; exercising in combination with weights; doing dynamic movements on and off the plate - the choices are endless.Go for a full range of Power Plate exercises.




Power Plate: Health and Wellness

Weight Loss and Reduction in Visceral Fat (Belly Fat): a study at the University of Antwerp in Belgium found that people who trained on Power Plate and dieted were more successful with losing weight and maintaining that weight loss 6 months later than those subjects who combined traditional exercise with dieting or than those who simply dieted. Even more exciting was the reduction of belly fat (which is associated with a higher risk of strokes; diabetes and heart disease) was triple that compared to the conventional training group and double that of the dieters only group.

With traditional weight training heavy weights are lifted in order to develop the muscles. For many people this is not an option particularly if they are injured or have a restrictive disease. Exercising on the Power Plate causes the muscles to contract and relax involuntarily making it possible to stregthen muscles with low risk to the joints and with less strain. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS is a chronic, infllammatory disease that affects the central nervous system. It effects the neurons; the cells in the brain and the spinal cord that carry information and allow the brain to control the body. MS causes the destruction of the myelin sheath (which carry electrical signals) in patches throughout the brain and spinal cord. This scarring can effect muscle weakness; tremors; numbness; balance etc. There are several conditions that restrict someone with MS from traditional exercising - heat sensitivity; lack of balance; spaciticy. Power Plate can help in a number of areas - fighting atrophy; improving muscle coordination by inducing motor units to turn on at the right time and speed; relieving depression by increasing seratonin; improving bladder control. Call for more complete programming if you are dealing with MS. ARTHRITIS is a disorder that effects the joints; muscles; tendons; capsules and connective tissue. Constant pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints are common. Arthritis can be divided into three groups: Inflammatory Arthritis which causes long term inflammation of the joints where the immune system attacts itself; Wear and Tear Arthritis where the cartilage is damaged possibly from heavy labour or excessive weight resulting in forming projections (bone spurs) and causing inflammation; Soft Tissue Arthritis affects the muscles; tendons; ligaments; disc and capsules rather than the joints. Examples are polymyalgia and fibromyalgia. This can be a result of heavy labour or sports but often from general exhaustion, lack of sleep or psychological stress. Exercising on the Power Plate can stimulate cartilage making it possible to retain its normal function; improve circulation by increasing blood flow and getting nutrients and oxygen to cartilage and joints to aid in increased movement with less pain. Muscles, ligaments and tendons are important shock absorbers and help stabalize the joints. These areas can be stregthened without applying excessive weight.We offer specific guildlines for training on the Power Plate for arthritis suffers.PARKINSON'S disease is a central nervous disorder with symptoms including tremors, muscle rigidity or stiffness, balance problems, fatigue, sleep disturbances and gait problems.Theories on the cause of Parkinson's include a dopomine deficiency in the brain making the body unable to control muscle tension and movement resulting in stiffness and tremors. Attributing factors may be genetic, environmental toxins and head trauma. Power Plate can help with stability and coordination and increase the release of serotonin to help fight depression. The production of vibrations at 25 to 50 per second cause the muscles to contract reflexively causing more motor units to fire at the right time and speed with better synchronization to help improve motor coordination and reaction time.





Power Plate Training

Whether you would like to train at home on your own machine with a Certified Power Plate Personal Trainer; access Power Plate DVD's and accessories for more exercises that you can do on your Power Plate at home or find a Power Plate club or studio we can help.

Power Plate Academies - these are CEC-approved lectures and training programs, covering the theory of biomechanics and neurophysiology with an introduction to the Acceleration Training Pyramid (ATP) program design methodologies. Call us at 416 417 5166 or email for more information.